Sunday, July 2, 2017

Drum Roll, Please

We have some big news! Big news as in Randal finally revealed what he is doing for the fireplace in the living room of Greyhound Estate. He wouldn't tell any of us until we finally had to know in order to actually start the work! So, I need a virtual drum roll right here, please...

Randal is using Cast Architectural Concrete Dimensional Tiles by Inhabit to create an amazingly unique and gorgeous work of art on the surface of the fireplace! These are sculptural tiles cast from concrete. Because they are three dimensional, the light hits off of each tile a little differently and, in combination, create a work of art. 

Here is an inspiration picture using Chrysalis 3D tile:
Chrysalis Wall Flats – 3D Wall Panels
credit: AB Design Elements, photography: Studio Four G Photography
The tile Randal has chosen for our fireplace treatment is called Origami and here are a couple of pictures of the tile. It looks like water flowing across a wall. Gorgeous!

Origami Cast Teja de hormigón arquitectónico - Natural - habitan - Habitar - 1

Origami Cast Teja de hormigón arquitectónico - Natural - habitan - Habitar - 1

These tiles can be left the color you see in the picture or they can be painted. Randal plans to paint the tiles.

Three dimensional tile has been a growing trend in tile the last few years and here's why we think that is the case: Three dimensional tile draws the eye to it in any room where it is used. It immediately becomes the focal point. When your guests walk in your living room, they will immediately ask about what looks like a work of art, but is also the surface of the fireplace. Three dimensional tiles are bold and make a grand statement. They give depth to a surface and an overall design. This fireplace will definitely be a conversation piece in Greyhound Estate!

If you're interested in dimensional tile, click on any of the links in this blog to go to Inhabit's website. 

Stay tuned. Hopefully, Randal will let me post some progress pics of the tile on the fireplace!

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