Saturday, July 8, 2017

Greyhound Estate is Turning Grey

Painted brick. I feel like it needs little explanation these days. Like I can just write the words: Painted. Brick. Thanks to HGTV and all the DIY websites, most of us know how popular painted brick is these days. And rightfully so. Those words embody taking something old and making it shiny and new again. They describe taking something tired and making it refueled, rested, and happy. It's like taking your entire closet of old worn-out clothes and trading it for a brand new wardrobe. Who doesn't love to see before and after photos of a painted brick house? It's instant gratification. We love painted brick.

So, here's what we're thinking for the facelift of Greyhound Estate's exterior brick:
The house itself will be in a light gray called Colonnade Gray. The trim of the house will be in a slightly darker gray, Morris Room Grey. (Is it gray or grey? Even Sherwin Williams can't decide.) The double front doors will be painted with the deep, rich Roycroft Pewter. 

A note about Roycroft Pewter: It seems to look great with absolutely everything that we put it with. This may become our favorite paint color. 

We think this pallet of grays (or greys) is a great choice because of the versatility of gray and the warmth of this combination. Greyhound Estate will have lots of grays inside too. Gray can be paired up with blues (royal, navy, and light blue); with tans, browns, and beiges (to make "greige"); black for a more formal feel; or turquoise for a lighter, beachy feel. It pairs so well with so many different color combinations. You can't go wrong with gray. It has gained much popularity over the last few years and we don't think the love of gray is going anywhere anytime soon.  

These new colors on Greyhound Estate will make it look and feel like a brand new house. We're looking forward to the re-energized and spruced-up Greyhound Estate. Just think how it will look with this new color pallet and new landscaping! Amazing!

Interested in making Greyhound Estate your home? Click here for our contact information. We can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. Grey is British English and Gray is American English so if you're confused it may be that the color names were inspired from respective countries.