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Tiger Construction was awarded The Times' Best of Northwest Louisiana 2017 Best Homebuilder Award. And for good reason. Tiger Construction never stops evolving to provide a better service and resulting product to their customers. So, when a customer, who is also now a close friend, came to them with an idea, they couldn't say no. It was genius! Randal Beach, who has an impeccable sense of style and design, found Greyhound Estate in its neglected state and suggested teaming with Tiger Construction to bring the estate back to life. The team of three has many years of experience and each contributes their own ideas of how to design and structure the space that results in a collaborative masterpiece. They know because they have combined efforts on Randal's personal residences and the results were nothing short of stunning.

We want you all to know a little bit about the members of the team that is bringing the luxury, sophistication, and grandeur back to Greyhound Estate. And to give you a little taste of each of their different styles, we're throwing in a picture of each of their homes -- all designed and built by Tiger Construction.

Randal Beach
Randal grew up in Bossier City and was in the first graduating class at LSU-Shreveport. He practiced law in Baton Rouge and New Orleans for 25 years, before moving to Dallas as CEO of an insurance company. Renovation and design are lifelong passions of his. Randal has renovated homes built from the 1840s to the 1980s in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Dallas. He has worked with Tiger Construction to design and build two new homes in Shreveport in the last three years. He loves travel, reading and cooking, and has been accused of scheduling his life around LSU football and baseball. Geaux Tigers! He plans to semi-retire and return full-time to Shreveport in the next few years.

Michael Smith
Mike is a graduate of University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and an MBA from Ellis College. Mike worked for General Motors for ten years as an industrial engineer launching greenfield plants and implementing lean manufacturing practices across the US and overseas. He moved to Shreveport in 2003 with GM and, after being transferred back to Michigan, he realized his heart wasn't in working for GM any longer. He took a leap of faith, resigned from GM, and returned to Shreveport in 2006 to partner with Heath Hatfield to grow the business of Tiger Construction. Mike respected Heath's entrepreneurial skills and was inspired to pursue his passion just as Heath was.

After living in giant metropolitan cities and small rural cities, Mike and his family find Shreveport to be just the right size. Mike, his wife, Jessica, and their two children, Mairead and Evan (who both attend C.E. Byrd), enjoy the Louisiana lifestyle, weather, food, and hospitality.

In his free time, Mike enjoys attending Byrd sporting events for both of his children, cooking for his family and friends, maintaining his vegetable garden, and doing DIY projects around his home. 

Heath Hatfield
Heath was born and raised right here in Shreveport. After working in finance in the automotive industry for ten years, in 2003, Heath started his own business, T&H Fence. Like the true entrepreneur that he is, a few years later, he founded Tiger Construction and Mike joined him in 2006. Heath and his wife, Kristina, who has been in the home design industry for 26 years, have two kids, Gracie and Chance. Heath enjoys attending his kids' sporting events, all LSU sports, spending time at his deer camp, and cooking out with his family and friends. Heath volunteers on the board of Shreveport Little League.  

Molly Vance
And allow me to introduce myself... I'm the voice behind this blog. In "real life", I'm a mom to two boys, Ben and Will, a wife to my husband, Pat, and I work full-time as a CPA. I graduated from Centenary College and then moved to Houston to begin my career as a CPA. As a hobby and a passion, I love designing and decorating anything that stands still. I realized how much I loved decorating a home when I bought my first house in the Broadmoor neighborhood of Shreveport. It was a small yellow house with a cute front porch and was the perfect size to learn to decorate, to be creative, and to get inspired. 

As our family grew, so did our need for more space and we decided to build a home so we could design it just like we wanted. About three and a half years ago, we met Heath and Mike and started designing our dream home. Putting the pieces together for a new house was like putting together a puzzle that we got to create. Sure enough, when it was all finished everything fit together perfectly. I realized through the building process that designing, creating, decorating, and envisioning rooms just came easily and it was a creative outlet for me. In addition to a getting a new home, Pat and I made fast friends with Mike and Heath. When I saw them a couple of months ago, I mentioned to them that they didn't market themselves enough and a blog of one of their projects would show the quality of their work and the building/remodeling/financing process so that other people would know that this dream could become their reality. I didn't actually think they would take me up on my offer. 

Until they found Greyhound Estate.
This home was featured in the Forum. Click here to see more photos.
How did we ever end up together?

A lawyer, an accountant, and two builders walk into a house…

It sounds like the opening to a really bad joke...but it's not. We still aren't sure how we ended up together or how when we're all talking about Greyhound Estate, the synergies just flow, but that's how it is. 

Let me tell you that when Mike and Heath build a custom home for you, there is a relationship built on trust, integrity and transparency. I’m not going to lie, building a home can be stressful! But they were always there to make sure everything would be okay. Randal built not only one, but two homes while living 200 miles away. That takes an intense amount of communication and trust. 

Right before Pat and I were to sign the contract to start construction of our home, we got cold feet. Okay, freezing. I'm a numbers person, so when the spreadsheet says it's okay to proceed, I know it's okay to proceed. But this was a new process for me. It's like I mentioned before -- putting together a huge puzzle. I had never sold a home, bought a lot, taken out a construction loan, built a home, and then closed on the loan. It's a lot of moving parts. This was a puzzle that I had never worked. In our panic, Mike came to our house and sat down at the kitchen table and went over in detail how it was all going to work. Step.by.step. I knew that he didn't just want to build a house to make money. This was his passion. I knew that he really cared that we were comfortable with the entire process. 

Randal may know the Shreveport housing market better than most realtors in town. It’s a hobby of his to always keep an eye on it. Over the past few months, he had been sending links to Mike and Heath for potential renovation properties. When they stepped into Greyhound Estate they instantly knew this home was a keeper. One phone call to Randal and he was all in, sight unseen. When they started brainstorming ideas on design and renovation, they remembered my offer to help promote their work through a blog and they asked me to join their team for this showcase home. It was easy to say, "Absolutely!" (Ladies, these guys are smart enough to know they needed a woman involved on a project of this magnitude!) 

Randal and I were introduced via a group text message while we were making plans for the house and to meet on a Saturday morning to walk through the house. Randal and I hit it off fabulously! We dropped Mike and Heath from our texts and kept on texting about design elements of the home. To say that the four of us have really hit it off is an understatement! It is a magical combination of personalities and talents all brought together by Tiger Construction. 

Greyhound Estate has been a lot of work so far and we’re just getting started! We're excited about the process of restoring this beauty and we’re honored to be able to introduce ourselves to you. 

Interested in making Greyhound Estate your home? Click here for our contact information. We can't wait to hear from you.

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