Thursday, June 29, 2017

Movin' On Up

The last space in Greyhound Estate where we are moving walls and changing the layout of the space is the second story of the house. So, let's move upstairs to see what this is going to look like. 

Here is where we started:
The second story was an addition to the original house. It was (and still is) a wide open space for toys, games, and movies. Or you might prefer to utilize it for crafts and hobbies that need their own dedicated space. 

Greyhound Estate is a large home at approximately 4,500 square feet. For such a large house, its greatest deficiency was the fact that it only had three bedrooms. It was extremely important that we utilize the square footage to create a fourth bedroom. Because the existing upstairs bedroom and den were so large (12.5' x 20' bedroom!), we were able to reconfigure the space and create the fourth bedroom without making any of the upstairs rooms cramped or small. 

In addition to the second bedroom upstairs, we added a kitchenette that will be perfect for older kids to host their friends upstairs or for guests who may be visiting and staying on the second floor. The kitchenette will have a sink and a mini fridge to keep water and soft drinks cold. And, when the kids run out of snacks, they can ask Mom to put some treats in the dumbwaiter and send it upstairs. (You're welcome, Mom.)

This is what our new layout looks like: 
The upstairs space is perfect for kids. There are two bedrooms, a full bath, large closets in both bedrooms, a den with plenty of room to have friends over, and a large storage closet for games, puzzles, toys, you name it! Some add third and fourth bedrooms that are tiny boxes and call it a bedroom. Like the other bedrooms in the home, neither of these bedrooms is small. One room is 12.5' x 12.5' and one is 15' x 12.5'. No small boxes for a room here.

If the upstairs space will be guests quarters, your guests will enjoy the upstairs den and kitchenette when they need a little bit of quiet time to themselves. What a great host to have cold bottled water waiting for your guests when they arrive to their room! Really spoil them with a coffee station in their kitchenette! Your guests won't want to leave with this kind of special treatment.

This space can be utilized in so many ways. Versatile space is extremely valuable in a home. The little kids, the grown kids, or the guests are all going to love the configuration of the upstairs space. 

Interested in making Greyhound Estate your home? Click here for our contact information. We can't wait to hear from you.

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