Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Peek at Our Progress

There are so many things going on at Greyhound Estate. We are getting closer to being able to start on the really fun stuff like flooring and countertops and wallpaper! The framers have nearly completed moving walls around. We have had a yard crew to clean up the yard. And we are busy finalizing design plans. We are excited to share some pictures of our progress with you!

Greyhound Estate already looks cleaner with some of the overgrowth cleared out. You may notice we removed two of the columns as well.

We removed lots of overgrowth on the side of the house. We will be installing a really nice privacy fence on the property line.

Walls have been torn down! This picture was taken standing in the living room. We can now see straight through the living room to the kitchen. The space feels so much roomier.

These are all the walls that we have torn down to open this space up.

  In the living room, we removed the shelves next to the fireplace and we will replace them with shelves that are spaced a bit more evenly on the wall. The fireplace... well, we don't yet know what Randal has up his sleeve for the fireplace. It's a secret that he won't disclose. Not even to us.

The wall with the X was between the living room and kitchen. Gone!  And how about these amazing sliding doors that let in so much natural light? We are replacing this sliding door with new doors and windows and we are repaving the patio and designing a new outdoor kitchen. You'll really want to bring the outdoors in once we are done and these doors and windows will make that possible!

Now on to the master bathroom...

Remember all the changes we made to the floorplan of the master bathroom? If not, click here. Well, here are some pictures from our new master bath!

We are closing up this door opening from the guest bathroom to the hallway. Don't worry, there are also two easily-accessible half bathrooms for guests to use.

This doesn't look too exciting, but this represents the new master bath layout with new plumbing! I'm so excited about this! (Is it normal to get this excited about plumbing?)

This is our new closet. Remember that closet that is so big it needs an island?  

This is just a peek of what is taking place at the house. In the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing samples of wallpaper, paint swatches, drawer pulls, and maybe some gorgeous light fixtures. So stay tuned!
Interested in making Greyhound Estate your home? Click here for our contact information. We can't wait to hear from you.

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