Friday, November 17, 2017


You know how when you're getting ready to go to a really nice dinner and you have to wait forever for your significant other to finish getting ready... but once they're ready, they look AMAZING! (Okay, women may not know how that feels since we are usually the hold-up, but we've heard.)  Well, we waited on the windows for Greyhound Estate for many weeks... and, when they were finally installed, we stepped back and were in awe of the beauty they added to Greyhound Estate.  

When Greyhound Estate was built, the designer truly had a great sense of how to bring the outside in with all of these beautiful, tall windows.  The original windows, though, needed to be replaced.  We didn't change the size or shape of any of the windows.  We simply replaced them with new, Low-E glass with bronze color frames.  They are gorgeous!  We couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Beautiful windows are so important for a home. It can be one of the main characteristics of a building that makes you remember it for its beauty and style or for its lack of character altogether. The windows of any space make it feel more open and allow the space inside to connect with the space outside. There's a reason that the corner office is the most prized office. It usually has the most windows. It has the greatest connection to the outside world. Windows in a home allow you to see the outside world and connect with the community and environment around you.

Greyhound Estate has some stunningly beautiful windows.  Wrapped around the house are windows that span nearly the entire height of the walls. The back wall of the living room is almost entirely glass looking into the backyard. The windows of the parlor and the dining room are nearly nine feet tall. Absolutely stunning!

Besides the beauty that windows bring to a home, they also have to be functional so not to increase heat or cold in a home or allow in harmful rays.  The new double-paned windows for Greyhound Estate are Jeld-Wen through Custom-Bilt Cabinet & Supply and were installed by Philip Tugwell.  Low-E glass is constructed with a thin coating of metal that reduces solar gain and blocks ultra-violet rays. By including Low-E glass in the window system, heat and cold outside are reflected back into the environment and heat and cold inside are reflected back into the home.

We are very pleased with the end of result of the window replacement so we have to share a few pictures of these gorgeous windows with you!

may your walls 
know joy;
may each room
hold laughter,
and may every window
open to great possibility.

-Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey

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